Reiki-Seichem Healing

Reiki is an ancient healing system based on channelled spiritual energy. It was rediscovered during the late 1800s by Mikao Usui in ancient Sanskrit texts; after a long and dedicated quest to discover how Jesus and Buddha helped others to heal themselves.

The Sutras texts contained the intellectual knowledge, yet little detail on how to activate the energy and make it work. Dr Usui undertook a three-week fasting meditation at Mt. Koriyama, Japan before he received the healing empowerment of the system.

Dr Usui founded a Reiki clinic in Japan, and taught what he had learned to several other Japanese gentlemen.

What is Reiki?

Dr Usui named the healing system Rei-ki. It's a generic word in Japan, and is used to describe any form of holistic healing work based on Universal Life force Energy.

It has the same basic meaning as the Chinese Qi (Chi), the Sanskrit Prana, the Polynesian Mana or Western Divine healing. This concept of Ki is not exclusive to the system of healing based on Mikao Usui's healing modality.

Reiki is non-religious and can be given and received by anyone of any faith or creed. When someone chooses to receive a healing or attunement from a reiki practitioner they are connected with the limitless source of life itself.

It's normally applied with the hands, though it can be transmitted by the feet, arms, elbows and forehead, which makes it equally accessible for people with physical disabilities.

Those that practice Reiki do so as an act of compassionate service, where being attuned to Reiki is primarily about personal and spiritual development. The channelling of healing energy to help others to help others to help and heal themselves is the secondary use.

Any individual who channels reiki does not heal any other person. The patient or healee draws healing energy through the reiki practitioner.

What happens during a Reiki treatment?

Reiki is normally a pleasant and relaxing experience. However, as with any form of treatment, occasionally some people may experience uncomfortable feelings or physical sensations during or shortly after treatment.

Patients are encouraged to mention any discomfort or experiences, to reach a greater understanding of the patient's condition and how to progress towards balance and well-ness.

During a treatment, toxins and imbalanced energies on all levels are being cleared and the whole person is being rebalanced and readjusted holistically. With more chronic health concerns, it may take several treatment sessions to obtain lasting relief.

Occasionally, some people may resist treatment at a subconscious level, blocking the flow of reiki energies. This is psychologically known as secondary gain. When individuals understand why their health condition has manifested, they can then freely begin to release their dis-ease and restore life to balance.

Reiki healing which, similarly to other forms of treatment (conventional or holistic), can act as a catalyst, how and when a patient restores their health to balance is personal choice.

What is Tera-Mai™ Reiki-Seichem?

This healing system has been developed by Kathleen Milner (USA) and it includes hands-on healing and distant or absent treatment that works on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels.

Depending on the healing energy that is channelled through the Reiki-Seichem practitioner by the healee, the healing energy is experienced as hot, cold, tingling, wave-like or a gentle breeze; it balances the energies on all levels.

It's based upon an ancient healing system that dates back about 2500 years, which involves channelling spiritual energy. Tera-Mai™ Reiki-Seichem is a simple, yet effective form of channelled healing energies that use all four elemental vibrations.

Reiki, which is connected with the earth element, was rediscovered in Japan in the late nineteenth century and it is taught through initiation. Reiki energy can be experienced as hot or cold, just like the surface of the planet.

It can benefit physical, mental and emotional health, and it grounds the other Seichem energies. Seichem healing vibrations are Sakara, Sophi-el and Angeliclight, which correspond to the fire, water and air/angelic vibrations respectively.

These were rediscovered in the late twentieth century and are also taught through initiation as part of the Tera-Mai™ system.

What are Reiki & Seichem used to treat?

The beauty of reiki and seichem healing is that it can be applied to the majority of health concerns; the only limitation of its application is the patient's choices and expectations.

A treatment is normally a pleasant, soothing and relaxing experience, where some patients have been known to fall asleep. Reiki and seichem combine well with most conventional and holistic forms of treatment, helping the patient to rebalance their health.

The following conditions often benefit from Reiki and Seichem treatments:

Tera-Mai™ Reiki-Seichem provides standardised training that maintains the integrity of the healing system.

Everyone is attuned by the same method and is trained to give a treatment in a standard sequence. The only difference between treatments and the intensity of the healing channelled between different patients is the patients themselves.

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NOTE: At present all Reiki organisations are moving towards voluntary self-regulation through the National Occupational Standards board, and the Reiki Regulatory Working Group (RRWG).

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